We Love Sales 2017 Company Highlights and 2018 Goals

Achievement and professional development are high priorities for We Love Sales. The company's management discussed goals fulfiled in 2017 and objectives for 2018, along with several traits that facilitate progress.

“As we work our way through the busy fourth quarter, we reflect on the many successes that have unfolded throughout the last year,” said We Love Sales management. “For instance, we’ve extended our reach into the Newcastle territory. Within this network of contractors, Liam and John have experienced considerable professional growth. Contractors have access to a shared workspace, which has been set up in a new location.”

There are many other accomplishments to report. We Love Sales is currently leading the industry in the United Kingdom. Contractors within the community have taken many business trips to islands off North Scotland. They’ve also contributed to the battle against children’s cancer, raising more than £53,000 in one week.

“In addition to our year in review, we have our sights set on some ambitious goals for 2018,” stated management. “We intend to open five new territories – two in Glasgow and three in Edinburg. The company will expand into new divisions in the finance sector as well. Of course, the contractors within the network will continue along their professional journeys too.”
We Love Sales Management Identifies Top Traits That Shape Excellence

In terms of personal development, the consultants in the We Love Sales community can choose to pursue success by honing certain traits. The company’s management indicated that the most ambitious people possess immense curiosity. They ask plenty of questions and frequently exchange feedback to ensure that they effectively apply their knowledge and skills.

“High performing business consultants are also capable problem solvers,” continued management. “They don’t put things off to avoid uncomfortable situations. Instead, they face challenges head-on and keep moving forward as they seek the right solutions. This determination largely stems from their positive attitudes. Upbeat energy and a tendency to focus on the best possibilities keep them motivated.”

“These professionals also understand the value of relationships,” the company management concluded. “They embrace every chance to network, forging connections that result in lasting and mutual benefit. Their contacts often open doors to perks like referrals, coaches, and even friendships. Contractors are committed to serving others, and it pays off. After all, very few people – if any – achieve success on their own. When professionals collaborate, their passion is palpable and they elevate one another to excellence.”

About We Love Sales: 

We Love Sales is a leading provider of customer acquisitions services for a variety of businesses. The consultants specialise in creating effective outreach campaigns that engage the public. Their customisable model ensures that organisations of all sizes, from start-ups to nonprofits to global giants, are able to expand market reach. At the centre of this strategy is We Love Sales’ signature learning environment, which helps people learn the lessons needed to thrive in the business world. Each person works to refine their skills and methods of connection with customers. Through client knowledge and professionalism, the group thrives. To learn more about this firm, please visit welovesales.org

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